Today, when a machine, a machine, a vehicle (construction, agriculture, water sports, vintage cars, motorhomes) are stolen, they leave the borders of its territory of origin in less than 24 hours […] 60% are found when the theft is declared in less than a day

Not satisfied with the solutions on the market: gadget, no battery life, not dedicated to theft, not robust ... and in addition they require the machine to be started and / or the crime to be recorded. We have decided to offer a solution dedicated to the theft of this ‚Äúbig‚ÄĚ equipment with real added value.

KHIKO © a connected object (autonomous, intelligent) dedicated to the protection against the theft of machinery and / or machines: Construction machinery, agricultural machinery, vintage cars, boats, boat engines ... to respond to this problem and reduce the time elapsed between the theft and its finding.



KHIKO © IS NOT a simple GPS tracker!

KHIKO© is the anti-theft device that detects all suspicious movements and sends alerts in real time (SMS, Email, Notification) and can even call you. The idea being that the sooner you are alerted, the more likely you are to find the equipment, take action and prevent law enforcement.



Our solution is based on a triptych:

  • Ergonomics, Ease of use
  • French design and manufacture
  • Financially a solution WITHOUT additional subscription


KHIKO © a connected object (autonomous, intelligent) dedicated to the protection against the theft of machinery and / or machines. Flight is its primary mission unlike other products which make flight one function among many.

KHIKO © embeds a mix of technologies (mechanics, electronics, IT, telecommunications) which are as many barriers to increase these chances of success

The main mission of KHIKO © is theft unlike other products which make theft one function among others.

KHIKO has both the technical and user characteristics of a professional product while combining simplicity of installation, use and economic transparency.

The only difference is mechanical. The 2 versions are irremovable

No difference in operation. No price difference.

Screwed version: Fixing using threaded rods molded in KHIKO © and snap nuts.

Glued version: No tools required. Collage by sticker. Total taken after 72 hours

Not systematically because KHIKO © is not a tracker for tracking routes.

You will not be able to see the position in real time at all times.

Its added value is to alert you as soon as possible as soon as there is a suspicious movement to allow you to react as soon as possible.

KHIKO © optimizes its energy and communication consumption. KHIKO © wakes up and communicates when it detects movement. If a flight is confirmed, it communicates its geolocation on a regular basis. And after each movement it communicates its last position.

In order to reduce white areas, we use several communication networks with different technologies (SIGFOX, network dedicated to connected objects and 2G-GPRS). We operate all over Western Europe.

No, when you buy KHIKO © it is a one-time purchase. We offer you Premium options / services which are not compulsory and which are additional functions


French, English

Our application is very small and requires few resources. It works on the majority of smartphones without being of the latest generation. The application is free and available on stores (IOS and Android)

A simple request email to and we make the transfer to the new owner simply with the new email and the new phone number within 24 working days. Obviously by ensuring the veracity of this request.

2 to 3 working days unless out of stock.

KHIKO © throughout Western Europe, for other countries contact us.

First of all we have very little private data. We have limited them to the essentials to be GDPR compliant. We simply work with an email address and a phone number. We DO NOT NEED your date of birth, your name, surname, address…. Then the data transmissions are encoded, and the data storage is done by a French leader in data hosting: OVH

KHIKO © can be installed horizontally or vertically. Vertically remember to put the connector down to optimize the seal.

We are increasing the number of communication networks to limit white areas and be more resistant to interference, without going into details for obvious security reasons we use at least 2G-GSM and the SIGFOX network

KHIKO © has past a number of tests according to European standards to meet the requirements of the construction and agricultural markets including vibrations

Yes without any worries. You can have as many KHIKO © as you want and all of them will appear in the KHIKO by Go4ioT app.

First of all, you are informed by notification and via your application when you need to recharge your KHIKO ©. To do this, connect your KHIKO © using the supplied cable to a USB charger (lighter, external battery). We advise you to charge for 8 hours as it depends on the charging current.

KHIKO © is still active.

We started from the principle of optimizing ergonomics, facilitating use and therefore limiting the number of operations. A good connected object is a connected object that we forget and of which we only retain the service.

This operating mode is the result of listening to our customers and analyzing flight scenarios with insurance companies: to avoid forgetting, to avoid theft during the lunch break ...

As soon as KHIKO © moves, it will send an alert. The user must confirm the flight or not.

If the theft is confirmed we send alerts by integrating a geolocation info.

Indeed it would be terrible for KHIKO© to break down the day there is a theft. For this there is a self-diagnosis and we detect when a KHIKO © has not communicated for several days.

As soon as a KHIKO© detects a mechanical attack on its box, we send this message.

KHIKO© sends you alerts (SMS, Email, Notification) as soon as we detect movement.

Thanks to KHIKO© Call (Option - PREMIUM Service) KHIKO© can call you on a fixed or mobile line in addition to alerts, either in NIGHT mode (10 p.m. to 7 a.m.) or in 7/7 - 24/24 mode

A mobile phone number that you can change whenever you want (vacation, travel, etc.). For the KHIKO © Call option a landline or mobile number

Yes you will be notified when the battery is low

Even though KIHKO hasn't budged, he's still communicating regularly to make sure everything is okay.
This is the message we call "KHIKO© active". This is one way to detect dormant failures.

To contact support: support@KHIKO ©.fr (directly from the application if your mailbox is activated on your smartphone) or +33 (0) 9 72 16 03 40

On the home page of your application on "Forgot your password? ¬ĽAnd follow the instructions

Here is a tutorial to illustrate the procedure:

Yes it's possible. You can receive push notifications (but not SMS) to as many phones as you want. All you need to do is log in with the same account on the KHIKO© by Go4oT application. You will receive push notifications on all phones in the event of an alarm.