The genesis of Go4ioT & KHIKO :

¬ę 6:00 am‚Ķ The alarm clock rings like every day, C√©line and Eric get up. It has been 18 months since this young couple took over the family farm from C√©line's father: 63 hectares in the french countryside near Poitiers, limousine breeding, fodder and cereals. ...
The sun rises quietly on the farm and announces a beautiful sunny day in perspective. It's time for the first mowings in order to prepare the fodder reserves for the next winter. But nothing will go as planned that day ...
Eric arrives under his hangar, which houses most of his equipment, and disturbed, without knowing for the moment why, he scans the hangar, the horizon ... But but ... he finally realizes ... his tractor has disappeared ... It's not possible he had put it there last night when he got back from the cooperative. This tractor, bought a few weeks ago, is one of their first investments since taking over the farm. He still has doubts and asks Celine to come, but the young couple are forced to admit: their new tractor (yellow and green) was stolen ... overnight.

This story we have all heard at one time... Celine and Eric are surely insured against theft, and will be compensated in a few weeks but while waiting for the agricultural exploitation cannot stop. In addition to managing the theft file with the police and insurance companies, they will have to find solutions to quickly replace the tractor and continue working on the farm ... The theft of tractors and agricultural machinery represents both financial losses but also and above all very important operatings losses.

It is due to stories like those of Celine and Eric around me that KHIKO was born…. and the company Go4ioT.

With 18 years of experience in the industry (mainly in the battery market) I wanted to create a company in the field of connected objects, because I consider it to be a mature technology and with a short ROI, a return on investment, between 6 months and 1 year
Having identified this problem of theft with big impact in term of financial and operating losses, and not satisfied with the existing products on the market: gadget, no autonomy, not dedicated to theft, not robust ... I was convinced that we could offer a solution dedicated to the protection equipment and heavy machinery from being stolen! So the company Go4ioT and the connected anti-theft KHIKO was launched ... ¬Ľ




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October 2020


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January 2019

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December 2018

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September 2018

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17 may 2018

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Go4ioT was founded on 2018

February 2018

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